Real Life Stories

“I have suffered with ulcerated gingival lesions since I was 10, and recently developed ulcerated nodules on my vocal cords that significantly impaired my speech. At age 52 after seeing several physicians and undergoing numerous surgeries, I was finally diagnosed by an Oral Pathologist as having a rare plasminogen deficiency. I have begun a treatment that should help resolve the problem.”

P.H., Worthington, Ohio 

“After nearly a year of misdiagnoses – ranging from food allergies, herpes, malignancy, and acid reflux to gum disease – from my dentist, internist, two allergists, two dermatologists, and an ENT specialist, I was referred to an Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologist who, on my first visit, correctly diagnosed my condition as an allergic reaction to cinnamon flavoring in tartar-control toothpaste. I was apprehensive, but within a few days after discontinuing the tooth paste, my rash, bleeding gums and significant facial swelling disappeared. For a year I endured pain, embarrassment, frustration, and colleagues questions about spousal abuse. I spent $2,700 seeking a diagnosis and took numerous drugs, often with significant side effects. I am very grateful to my Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologist for the professional expertise and care I received.”

E.C., Dallas, Texas 


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