Deadline EXTENDED THROUGH:  February 2, 2024

For further information or to clarify the information you have read, please contact AAOMP President-Elect Dr. Kurt Summersgill at [email protected] or AAOMP staff at [email protected].

Submission requirements

Requirements for abstract submissions by residents and dental students

To ensure the highest quality submissions, the following requirements are being implemented:

  • Residents and students are required to present each of their abstracts to their program directors before they enter their actual submission(s) online. As their program director, you will need to review the abstract for content and accuracy.
  • Upon review and approval of their abstract submission, you must write a letter that verifies the submitter's resident/student status and the name of the submission. Each submission must have a letter from you. The submitter must upload this letter in the appropriate place in the submission process before their submission will be accepted for review. 

Your help with this process will help guarantee that this year's Abstract program highlights the best of AAOMP.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Please don't hesitate to contact me if there are any questions at (952) 928-7464 or (888) 552-2667 or via email at [email protected]


  • All accepted abstracts will be published on the AAOMP website.
  • A limited number of papers will be accepted for oral platform presentation and the remainder of those accepted will be presented using a poster format.
  • The Program Committee will determine the presentation format for each paper and notify the authors accordingly. To help with the process, you will need to indicate your preference by checking the appropriate category: Oral or Poster Presentation.
  • Because of time constraints, it may not be possible to accommodate all requests for oral presentation. Your oral presentation may be accepted as Read Only format.
  • If your abstract is accepted for an Oral Presentation, it MUST be presented in a digital (PowerPoint) format.
  • The participant, when notified of acceptance of the abstract for presentation at the annual meeting, will receive instructions on how to upload their oral presentation and agrees to submit their final PowerPoint presentation no later than the established deadline as stated in the instructions. The presenter, by submission of the abstract, accepts the deadline and acknowledges responsibility for correctness and completeness of the PowerPoint presentation at time of submission. Failure to meet the deadline and formatting requirements may result in removal of the abstract and oral presentation from the program.
  • Abstracts will appear in the final program exactly as submitted. Please follow the directions carefully.
  • Selected abstracts from the scientific sessions will be published in OOOO.
  • The abstract must include: Introduction, Materials and Methods; Results, and Conclusions. In addition, the material presented must not have been published previously.

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